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Dental SEO screens
Dental SEO screens

Ranking in position 1 for dental seo is everything!

Time spent building a solid platform will without doubt provide a Return on investment.

If you have a dental practice and are looking to increase revenue by attracting customers via online web searches, then you definitely need an organic SEO plan. With regards to online presence, it is without doubt the vital part in branding.There really is no question, you need to get on the first page of Google for your relevant keywords otherwise nobody will even see your website. Put your trust in us, and watch your website gain traction and rise through the rankings. Once achieving page one rankings your website will be in prime position for those who are actively searching for your services. Therefore, an extremely targeted version of dental marketing.
Over the years of experience that we have. It is evident that to plan and carry out a successful SEO strategy, there isn’t a quick fix. It requires persistence over a period of months and years. This will yield a high performing and also sustainable online presence via the organic search positions.We only work within the dental profession therefore, we have specialist knowledge within the field when it comes to dental SEO. This makes things much better for both parties. It allows us to create far more relevant content that will help your site rank higher. And also for yourself as you know we can achieve what we say we will, based on our previous results.

Carrying out an effective dental SEO campaign for a website can be somewhat time consuming and requires a fairly in depth knowledge of the multiple ranking factors that the likes of Google uses. We specialise in dental marketing and this gives us a competitive edge as we focus our work entirely for Dental Practices.

Benefits of dental SEO;

Increase in targeted traffic

SEO and in particular dental SEO is a science, albeit based on an algorithm. Therefore, crack the algo and bingo, ranking higher will follow. With higher rankings come higher volume of traffic. Not only will there be increased traffic, but targeted traffic because people are actively searching for your services. Additionally, your site will be visible high up the rankings 24/7.

Return on investment from dental seo marketing

When it comes to marketing your dental practice, seo should be at the forefront. Data shows that around 60% of internet users click on the organic listings in Google. Further to that, 75% only look at page one in the search results for the keyword they type in. Therefore, it is essential to be on page one to fully benefit. After the results from targeting dental seo in your area that it is pretty much free traffic and advertising from there on. There is no cost per click or anything like that. Therefore, online dental seo marketing offers a potential high ROI compared to other forms of online marketing and marketing in general.

Measurable Results

Search Engine Optimisation is exceptionally measurable. Analytics data from Google provide the essential information and key performance variables such as top pages, visitor numbers and how it differs from mobile devices. Furthermore, email and call tracking can also be setup to track precisely whether or not seo is generating a profit and return on investment.

Get your dental practice seen on Google

  • Google has around 80% of search market share within the UK
  • Almost 60% of consumers use Google on a monthly basis to find local businesses
  • Page one of the search keyword take a whopping 90+% of the traffic – your potential customers
  • Within Google’s organic search results positions (which we target) receives over 1/3 of all the search traffic

Our dentist SEO Packages

Every website needs traffic, including yours!

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? SEO is a form of online marketing which aims to increase the visibility of your website. Specifically for your selected keywords that are relevant to your dental practice and that people are searching for. A website is only useful if you get traffic consistently.

Basics of SEO for your dental practice website would be to ensure that search engines like Google index your site and rank it for your practice name.

What dental seo can offer

Do a search in Google for your dental practice name and see what comes up? If your own website is not first then work definitely needs to be carried out in terms of SEO. If you pass that and are ranked first (make sure you are not logged into Google or have web history turned on. Next, search for particular dental treatments in your town/city? Get it touch with us today if you want to rank on page one of Google for your chosen keywords. We have several clients that are either first for their chosen keywords or on the first page.

Why use us?

We have ran several effective SEO campaigns for dental websites and have achieved fantastic results for dental seo related terms. We have an expanding knowledge of the ranking factors for Google and other major search engines that enable us to put your website onto page one.

Our Dental SEO Prices

Level ONE from £400+VAT per month

Level ONE is our top tier package that will achieve the best results in the quickest timescale.

This will consist of an entire site optimisation, the building of links and other online dental marketing forms.

We will optimise each page to help achieve better rankings. We will submit to relevant directories, increase social media exposure, write and promote articles and build links that will improve the website’s rankings for your chosen keywords.

Part of this package consists of a front page banner on our Dentist Finder directory site which will not only drive traffic from the site, but also create a nice link for the purposes of SEO.
Additionally, we can also send out review request that helps aid with the online dental marketing campaign.
If you want an SEO campaign that seriously gains traction and will generate several enquiries continually, then get in touch today. Note that in cities (e.g. London/Glasgow etc) where there is greater competition we would recommend this dental SEO package to ensure the best results.

LEVEL TWO from £200+VAT per month

For those that are looking to establish their website online and drive more traffic to the site. You may not necessarily have the budget for the Level One package, but Level Two is much more affordable.

This package will help with on page optimisation, directory submissions and local Google place listings. Further to that will be an ongoing link building campaign to help rank your keywords.

As part of the Level Two package, you can claim your listing on our Dentist Finder site for no extra cost. This will help drive visitors to your site.

Level THREE from £100+VAT per month

Our starter dental SEO package, designed for those with Dental Practices who want to improve their online presence and for those want to maintain the search engine rankings they have already achieved.

Typically, we would suggest this package as a taster so you can see what we can do, then upgrade to Level Two or Level One. This Level Three package will include submission to major search engines and on page optimisation. A number of backlinks will also be build to help aid the campaign.

Google Places

Local search

Did you know that for every 5 search on Google, one is related to a location. Therefore, it is vital that your Dental Practice appears in these results for your area. One thing that can help achieve this is with the use of a ‘geo qualifier’ or location keyword.

What we want to do is for example, say your Dental Practice is located in Glasgow. We want to rank you site position one for the keyword ‘dentist Glasgow’. Similar to how this business would want to rank for ‘SEO Wedding Photography‘. By optimising a Google Place listing we can display your site high on the Google Place listings, always on the first page. It is even possible to display your website twice on the one page, once in the Google Place listing and secondly within the organic search. Have both is the ideal.

What is Google Places?

Google Places has been designed by Google to show local businesses in the area you’ve searched for in a directory style format. The listing includes your Dental Practice name, address, contact details and a link to your site. Further to that you can add images, videos and customer reviews which all help with the online presence we will create.

Within Google Places, you can also post real time updates. So, if you had a promotion you wanted to run, using this feature is an ideal way to communicate directly to your potential customers.

Keeping track of all this information can be seen from the Google Places dashboard. A personalised area that shows lots of key data such as how many times people have found your business from Google searches and the keywords they used too! There is also the ability to see what areas people have travelled from to come to your Dental Practice.

Get in touch with us today and we can manage your Google Place listing. We’ll register one if you do not already have, and optimise it so that you gave value custom from the listing.


This really is an essential part, not particularly the location as such, however the hosting does have to be fast. We always recommend using a hosting company in the country you are targeting such as Zen Hosting if in Australia.